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       Write to us and lets talk. We try to help everyone be happy. Make your offer,
       but please be reasonable. We do sell somethings near 1/2 of their appraisals. 
                Would you sell your home or car for near 1/2 of their appraisal?
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        What you see here is only a small part of what we have available.

     We will arrarge to have any Gem set into a ring that you choose. Very reasonable.
 We send Gems Larger orders over $5k will ship US Postal Priority Registered Insured. The latter method takes a couple of business days longer, but is a more secure way to ship. This is due to the fact that your package must be signed for at each destination point en route to you.  Some Gems already have a "Certificate of Value" that they will accept for Jewelersmutual.com with A+ rating, for your insurance purpose that covers loss, theft, repair, for you.   Thank you.  
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Birthstones, Gemstones and Semi-Precious Stones
Tanzanite Crystal

Citrine Crystal
Birthstones, Gemstones and Semi-Precious Stones
Ruby Crystal
Birthstones, Gemstones and Semi-Precious Stones
Tanzanite Gem Stone

Citrine Gem Stone

Ruby Gem Stone 
In my own ring with over
1 ounce of Gold

                                 These Crystals are from Tongbei , Fujian Province , China. Now in Parowan.

In the Bible, Revelation 21:9 begins to speak of World War 3 and the plagues. 
                     Then the Angel speaks of the Holy City coming from heaven with precious stones.
In verse 19 he begins to describe the precious stones that God loves to see. We tell you
about those gems and birthstones and give you a chance to see and enjoy them as God does. 

       If you wish to buy Rough Stones to have Faceted then see these people.
        http://www.faceters.com   We have bought rough from them ourselves.


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