Just a word about rings. Depending upon your style. What kind of work,
      or where will your hand go during the day.  
      If you are a Dentist or a Construction worker, it does matter to your ring. 

     Ladies your lifestyle matters also, and what you wear. We allow you to make
     your own choices, but we can recommend Gems that fit your work style.
     Few people can wear the Emerald because they take so much care. Soap and
     water bleed out the oils in the Emerald. And they are also soft and brittle.  

     Ruby, Sapphire, and Alexandrite are almost indestructable for women
     unless you skydive off of the Empire State building head first.  

So let's look at some beautiful Gems in reasonable settings.  
       Obvisously Gold and Silver are at much different prices. Sometimes
       a week's work can get you a beautiful Gem for the rest of your life.  

     But gold and silver can be melted down and reshaped for different uses.
     A Gem will last for your forever. Gems have been found in fires where
     the settings have melted away. We don't advocate hot fires but use
     this example to illustrate what a Gem should be to you. It will last.

  If you wish to have us reset any Gem in Gold, or White Gold at our cost the
  price will be $150 to $400 more, depending upon the ring that you choose.
  Gold is now more that $1100.00 per ounce. White Gold looks like Silver.    

    All of these items are available here at out Vault in Parowan, Utah. 

  Remember these prices are delivered to you. No shipping or other charges to you. 

IF = Internally Flawless,  free of inclusions.    

Sizes are in mm. =  Millimeters  25.4 mm = 1 inch  so 

1/4 inch =  6.35mm     1/2 inch = 12.7mm   

Gold melts at 1945 degrees. Silver melts at 1761 degrees. 

Topaz are hardness of  8  and a Citrine is hardness of  7  

Pure Gold and Silver are just a hardness of  3  Steel is hard at 7

All of these Rings and Pendants are Sterling Silver 925 = Real

           Alexandrite with Diamond 
         Necklace around the stone. 
               IF       and    Hard 9-10



 42.50 Carat Ring
   Madeira Citrine
  Absolutely Natural
  Citrine    Hard 7 
   Brazil           IF
    Ring size 8

   Madeira's are named
   after the Madeira
   Portugal Wine color.  




  35.90 Carat Ring Purple Amethyst

  Size 7 
Gem 22.14 X 18.81   Brazil     IF

Hard 7 as all Amethyst are.




  51.20 Carat Ring
           Red Topaz
         13.5 X 11.0 Oval
        Hard 8     IF  

       Size 8.5  from Brazil
       23 Gems on this ring.
       Can you see them?






  41.65 Carat Ring Swiss
   Blue Oval
  AAA  Topaz  set in
  Ring     Hard 8

  Ring size 8.5  Sterling
   Silver 925  






      27.20 Carat  Madeira Citrine
        Checker Cut   IF  from  Brazil 
        21.33 x 18.97       a hard  7

        Sterling 925 Silver Ring  



$ 385




34 Carat Ring Aquamarine

Absolutely Natural

Ring  Size 7.5       IF  

    From Brazil   A rare find! 

  A hard   7.5 







     26.90 Carat Blue Green Amythist
       Checker Cut      IF = Flawless 
       21.18 X 17.96mm     a hard 7 

       From Brazil a stunning sparkle.   





     14 x 16mm Sapphire Quartz

Silver Ring         Size  10





         12 x 12 Peridot Ring 

           Size  8




      12 x 12mm Morganite Silver
       Ring Size  9






   12 X 12mm Sapphire Quartz
   Silver Ring     Size  7 









  21.90 Carat Ring Perfect Aquamarine  
        AAA + Natural in every way.
             A clean Emerald Cut.
 Few crystals can take such a clean cut. 
        10.01 X 9.97 MM.       LONG 26.75 MM.

    IF    Hard 7.5-8.0         Ring Size 7.65

   From way down in the earth in Brazil.






    16.65 Carat Pentagon Cut Green

    Amethyst  IF    7 hard from Brazil

     Delivered to your mail Special

     No extra charges at all. We pay  
     handling and shipping.
     If you want UPS = ok with us. 



  See what is a Sapphire
 Here below see a modern 
 Gem called a sapphire.

  Actual size on Computer

       $ 3,900
3 Caratts. 8 x 5.80  Nice.  



SÁPPHEIROS is a Greek name—having a
     similar origin as the Hebrew name SAPÌR,
     which in time past referred to the deep blue
     colored stone with gold flecks now called Lapis
     Lazuli found in Afghanistan.  

     Lapis Lazuli is a very good stone for carving.  
    Modern sapphires were named for this stone,
    but modern sapphires were not known in ancient
    times and are too hard for carving. = Exodus 28







    Personaly I can see more beauty

    in this Gem than that little one above.


    14 x 14mm Sapphire Quartz
    Silver Ring             Size    6 

    Mohs hardness of  7 the same as Steel

    But you have to remember that
    I have just been judging cows for 50







12 X 12mm Peridot Silver Ring

IF               Size 6

              Green just like cow grass.   




Perdoit Crystals from Pakistan

   Pakistan is a long strip of area
   West of India and Afghanistan
          and Iran.

   The famous Khyber Pass is high in the
 Hindu-Kush mountains.

The USA now has 100,000 troops in Afghanistan that our foolish leaders have placed there.



        21.60 Carat Alexandrite Gem

         IF    Mohs hard 9 from Russia

         17.36 x 16.29 Purple to Pink

         Sterling Silver   Ring size 10

         Czochralski Cushion Cut
             Pink in bedroom light 





       12 X 12mm Sapphire Quartz 

           Silver Ring       Size  8