Isaiah the prophet of God spoke of World War 3 and the barren women in Chapter 54.

  He said the desolate cities would again be inhabited. That God will be a husband after a
  small moment in eternity when they are forsaken. But he will have mercy upon them.

   He says: "Behold, I will lay thy stones with fair colors, and lay thy foundations with
   sapphires. And I will make thy windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles, and all thy
   borders of pleasant stones."       Read all of Isaiah 54 yourself about some of us.

   We at God's Stones want you to live many years to enjoy your Gems from us.
   We encourage you to read the scriptures and see what God requires from all of us. 

   You can see the stones with fair colors above on each of our pages.  Beautiful quartz,
   the 'rock crystal' used in ancient times to make crystal balls and bowls, is today more often
  seen set in gold jewellery. Despite the popularity of quartz gems like amethyst, citrine, and ametrine, 
rose quartz, onyx, agates, chrysoprase, rutilated quartz and other varieties, many people in the jewellery industry take quartz for granteds. 

 Mystic quartz is similar to mystic topaz. What's the difference? Basically both are white
 (colorless) stones to begin with, and then the Azotic treatment is applied to give it the mystic
  color.   Remember these prices are delivered to you. No shipping or other charges to you. 


         6.32 Carat Natural Mystic Green

       Round Concave Cut Quartz from Brazil.

       IF       Treated      Mohs hardness  7
      12.3 x 12.3 x 8.3mm   An Amazing Gem to see.


          23.80 Carat Orange Red Sapphire

        18.2 x 16.5 x 8.2mm   IF  Mohs  hard 9 

        Chathum Faceted in Thailand  
        I have this Gem set in a Sterling Silver
        Ring  Size 8      My girls like Silver.

         Perhaps a daughter will want it?
                      As large as a Dime.
  $ 850

         16.55 Carat London Blue Topaz from

        Brazil   Cushion Cut    IF    Hardness 8

        15 x 14.8 x 8.6mm  WOW you have to
        see it to believe it. I have it set now in
        Sterling Silver

        Ring Size 8
     IF = Internally Flawless

              Sold, to a fine lady.

              4.80 Red Fire Opal 

        10.40 x 13.66 x 6.77mm 

      OVAL CABOCHON     Hard 7

     17.35 Natural Blue Tanzanite Quartz

    It Almost Blows your mind to see it
    in real life.  An Incredible Gem,  IF
    to see!      

    20.5 x 15 x 11mm    WOW  over 3/4 " long 
    Pear Faceted from Brazil the round
    part is bigger than a penny. 

       24.50 Carats Gorgeous AAA BI-Color
       Ametrine Oval
       IF          Hard  7  

        21.6 x 17.3 x 11mm    Green and Gold
  $ 570

    39.55 Carat Ametrine Fancy Cut
    Bi-Color Unheated. Absolutely
    Natural.       VVS    Hardness 7

26.5 x 15.8 x 13.7mm from Bolivia 


  $ 975

     Rare 7 x 5mm Natural Hot-Pink Topaz
      1.05 Carat        IF   Hardness 8 
           From a mine in Brazil.

   Cut in Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom
   This comes with a British
Appraisal Value

     = £387.50 £ means British Pounds x 1.60
     = USA $$ @ $620  
           I offer it at @ 1/2 =$310 because
     I think the Brits are puffed up limeys.




           2.51 Carat Charming Clean Natural
         Orange Pink Tourmaline  from Nigeria

         Africa     IF   Mohs hard  7.5    



        Doptaise Crystals from Russia  

   4.10 Trilliant Pink Topaz on a Pendant now.

   Brit appraisal $$

                  Dragon Veins Agate Pendant     
              Blue Sapphire from Russia Rough Uncut