Citrine     Many people have come to know and love this stone under the name gold topaz, or Madeira or Spanish topaz, although in actual fact it has very little in common with the gemstone topaz - except for a few nuances of colour. Thus the history of the citrine is closely interwoven with that of the topaz, and coincides with it completely when it comes to the interpretation of alleged miraculous powers. However, the citrine is a member of the large quartz family, a family which, with its multitude of colours and very various structures, offers gemstone lovers almost everything their hearts desire in terms of adornment and

The Hebrew name of Tarshish. We read: "But it displeased Jonah exceedingly, and he was very angry
And he prayed unto the Lord, and said, I pray thee, O Lord, was not this my saying, when I was yet in my country? Therefore I fled before unto Tarshish: for I knew that thou art a gracious God, and merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness, and repentest thee of the evil."   Jonah 4:1-2   Jonah says that even God repents! but do you really believe that because it is written in the Bible!
The original Citrine stone of the Hebrews who were Israel, came from the mines in what is Spain today. The raw stone is hard as Steel.   Mohs hard 7. 
Black quartz crystal was heated until it turned a pale golden brown color. The Hebrew word literally means golden stone and was given to the region that produced it : Tartessus on the coast of Spain.             If God can reprnt, do you think that you are better than God?

The Heavenly City in Revelations 21 is like pure glass and is Golden Yellow like Citrine.  

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      9.95 Carat Golden Citrine Rough CrystalNot for Sale
    44.30 Flawless Briolette Madeira Citrine Drilled.
    Being set now for a Gold Chain.
     91.55 Ct Luxurious AAA Orange Heart
     Rare Citrine Mounted as you wish.
     Huge Almost Unreal to believe.
     Stunningly clear, see the finger.

     162.24 Ct Fancy Cut AAA
     Orange Citrine
    25.20 Ct Briolette AAA Golden Brown 
   Citrine Drilled and set for a Chain of your Choice.
    20.00 Ct Awesome Yellow Gold
    Oval Citrine
    37.20 Ct Dazzling Center Stripe Oval
    Checkered Green Yellow Citrine
    18.54Ct Awesome Briolette Yellow Green
    AAA Citrine Drilled already.
    To be put upon a Sterling Silver Chain.
    22.35 Ct Unbelievable Briolette OrangeCut 
   Citrine Drilled already. Being set now for a       
   Gold or Silver.
    24.60 Ct Gorgeous Oval Green Yellow
    Rare Citrine
    16.7Ct Flawless Golden Yellow
    Briolette Citrine from Brazil
     251.10 Ct Extreme Humongous Octagon 
     Madiera Citrine. The Madera is named for the
     Madera Portugal Wine color. 
     The Portugese setteled Brazil in 1500 AD. 
     Mounted and ready for that one woman.
     39.10 Ct  AAA Flashing Madeira Citrine from
     Brazil, South America. A beautiful Pear
     cut Ring. 

         on Sterling 925 Silver. 
     42.50Ct  AAA Bright Madeira Citrine

       Round Cut Ring               Size 8
            Top Golden Citrine Rough

            In the Bank vault
Not for Sale
     68 Ct Silver Pendant Mandarin Orange
             Citrine Cushion style cut.  
     IF     With Choker or  Sterling Silver Chain. 
     65 Ct Silver Pendant Mandarin Orange Citrine

     Now you know where its from, smart you.
      24.95 Ct Cushion Cut Faceted 

      18.5mm Brazilian Citrine 
      152.55 Ct Huge Pear Checker Cut